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Redneck Slip & Slide

It’s smokin’ hot around here!

Looking for a fun way to keep your kiddos (and yourself) from melting away in this heat?

To attempt to keep cool during one of many heat waves last summer, my other half came up with a clever DIY version of a Slip ‘n Slide.

We happen to have a hill on one side of our yard, so it worked out perfectly.

Our kids loved it! Oh, and since we’re just a couple of big kids at heart, we enjoyed it too.

Wanna make one for your family? You really only need a few things to pull this together–some of which you probably have, the others can be found by taking a trip to the hardware store:

A roll of plastic sheeting.
A hose…
And a sprinkler attachment for the end of your hose.

Roll out the sheeting on a sloped grassy surface. Make sure there are no big rocks or debris underneath where the plastic is lying!

Run your hose to the top of where the plastic sheeting starts. Attach the sprinkler part, turn on the water, and let it get fairly wet first.

We’ve found that by squirting a mild dish soap or baby shampoo on the sheeting, it helps make everything more slippery and easier to get going. You will have to reapply this every so often to keep it nice and slippery.

Another tip from experience: the kids WILL end up getting a little grassy and/or muddy at some point. Sorry, but it’s just going to happen. Either hose them off when they’re all done or have them jump in the shower to get cleaned up. The fun and activity this provides makes it all worth it though. Our kids are usually entertained by our slip ‘n slide for a good long while!

Have fun and keep cool!


6 thoughts on “Redneck Slip & Slide”

  1. This looks like so much fun! I remember long summer days enjoying a slip ‘n’ slide with my cousins when I was a child. Happy times. 🙂

    One thing many people aren’t aware of though is that teens and adults can suffer a broken neck from joining in the fun. I’m not sure why it is more dangerous as people get larger… heavier weight = more momentum? Just something to be aware of when faced with the considerable temptation to join the kids in their water play on a sweltering summer day. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

    I hope your kids have a blast this summer!

      1. I was so surprised (and bummed) when I learned! It’s not the kind of saftey hazard that is at all obvious. I felt a little bad leaving the comment because who wants to bring negativity to such fun. But I figured I appreciated the warning when somebody told me.

  2. I spent many a summer day on our slip-n-slide when I was a kid. All the neighborhood kids would join in the fun. Love it!

  3. Does look like fun, but all I can think about with slip-n-slides is youngest son’s broken knee cap (age 8 at the time), and the lovely staph infection that followed. Orthopedic surgeon said slip-n-slides and trampolines are the sources of his summer business.

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