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10 Colorful Uses for Kool Aid

Were you a Kool Aid kid? I sure was, back in the day.

You gotta love those 10 cent packages!

Today I am sharing some other uses for good ole’ Kool Aid.

What a cute little gift these would make! Check out Meet the Dubiens for instructions on how to make your own Kool Aid flavored lip gloss.

Get ready to bust out some straws and little paper umbrellas to go with these Kool Aid Slurpees. An easy recipe is shown for this on My World Made by Hand.

These would be a great treat to make for any type of party, or just for a family movie night at home. Tasty Kitchen shows you how!

Here’s a nifty and practical tip for you, courtesy of Krazy Coupon Lady–use lemonade Kool Aid as an easy dishwasher cleaner. The citric acid in the lemonade variety gives your dishwasher a cleaning boost.

Can’t get enough cool treats this summer? Well, here’s a recipe for Kool Aid sherbert.  (Looks yummy, doesn’t it?)

If your kids are getting bored, then this blog has a fun recipe for Kool Aid Play-Doh to help them get un-bored (at least for a little while).

This idea makes my crafty heart go all aflutter. Did you know that you can use Kool Aid to dye wool? Yup, you can. This post gives you the specifics on how to dye wool yarn. Oh, and I also just read a tip in The Tightwad Gazette (one of my favorite books) that you can use it to dye old wool sweaters.

Though it’s not anywhere near Easter, I still had to include this one. Kool Aid Easter eggs! Click here to see the instructions.

These twisty straws with cute Kool Aid packages attached would be a great summer party favor or treat to give classmates. I love this idea! Check out Fakin’ It for the easy directions.

Give your frosting a color and flavor boost using Kool Aid! Chocolate Chocolate shows you how. I can’t wait to try this one out as I am a total frosting girl.

There are more ideas I could have included, but I’ll stop at 10. Who knew Kool Aid was so versatile?

Hope you’re having a Kool summer 🙂


6 thoughts on “10 Colorful Uses for Kool Aid”

  1. Oh my!! What an age we live in. This is the greatest news. We are learning so much I can’t contain it all.

  2. I have tried Kool-Aid Frosting, but it was more of an hilarious accident/ disaster than something i would recommend to people.

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