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Yarn Bow

This may be one of the simplest little tutorials I’ve ever posted.

A sweet bow, made entirely of yarn. It can be used to embellish other things, but in this case I made a little barrette for my daughter’s hair.

Lots of yarn colors=lots of possibilities.

Like I mentioned, the tutorial is super simple.

Cut a length of yarn. Mine was maybe 20″ long or so, but you can really use any length. The longer your yarn, the fuller your bow can be. Wrap yarn around at least a couple of fingers.

Slide off your fingers and lay down. Cut another smaller piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle multiple times. Knot and snip ends.

Use however you wish. I hot glued mine to a barrette back, making sure the knotted side was against the barrette back so it didn’t show.

So sweet.

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