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School Lunch Love Notes

I hate to throw another re-run at you this summer, but I’m going to anyway. This is an oldie but goodie from this time last year as I was preparing for the first week of school. I’m two weeks away from sending everyone back on that lovely yellow bus–this time my two babies are headed to kindergarten!  Honestly, I’m not sure if the kids are more excited or if I am.


For the first week of school I like to put special love notes in my kids’ lunches, just to ease any anxieties they may have and let them know I am thinking of them. So, in preparation, I’ve put together some cute ideas for lunch box treats that have special notes attached. All were made using things I had around the house already, no fancy tools or special crafting skills required. Some are ideas I’ve gleaned from online and put my own spin on. I hope you enjoy them!

Tag reads “You’re O-Fish-ally a first grader!”

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