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Thimble & Flowers Necklace

This project is one I’ve been aching to try out. Thanks to a gloomy morning and nothing on our schedule today, I was able to make this cute thimble necklace.

My original inspiration came from this post, so it really wasn’t my idea. I did think it was awfully clever, so of course I had to be a big copycat and make one for myself.

In case you would want to make one too, here’s a quick play by play of how I put this pendant together.

Gather supplies. You will need one thimble, green yarn or embroidery floss, colored head sewing pins, hot glue gun, silver jewelry wire, pliers, silver jumpring.

Take a length of jewelry wire and wrap it around the edge of your thimble. I doubled mine, used a little hot glue to hold it in place, and twisted the ends together with my pliers. I first attempted to make a jumpring thing with my wire , but soon abandoned that idea and used a regular jumpring instead. (As you can see in my picture above, it wasn’t too pretty.)

Choose the pins you will use for your flowers. I snipped the ends off of all of them because they were a little too tall for my thimble arrangement.

Next you will squeeze some hot glue into the bottom inside portion of your thimble flowerpot. Arrange your pins inside the thimble and add some more hot glue.

I will warn you now–this is a hot job! Watch your fingers because the outside of the thimble will get really hot as you fill it with glue. Once you have your pins arranged, fill up with more glue and add your green yarn or floss. Press down a little so it adheres to the glue part.

That’s pretty much it. This doesn’t take very long to assemble. The last thing you need to do is string this onto a necklace chain, leather cord, or whatever else you want to use. I chose a silver necklace chain that I already had.

This would make a great handmade gift for anyone who enjoys sewing.

9 thoughts on “Thimble & Flowers Necklace”

  1. Its so doggone precious! Love it. Pinning!
    ❤ Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open!

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