Stolen Pictures

This summer my kids have been fascinated with taking their own pictures. Sometimes I have no idea that they have “borrowed” my camera until I check my memory card and other times I’ve caught them in the act and give them a number of pictures they can practice taking. As a just-for-fun-type-of-post, I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

I have no idea why this was taken, but the setting is in my living room. As for the photographer, I know it’s not one of the twins this time around.

My 11 year old obviously took this one of himself. Great shot, eh? You should be glad I didn’t include the others ones he took of his own face that I deleted. Really. You do not need an extreme close up of  his nostrils. It’s not pretty.

My Andrew, who is 9, took this shot of a mushroom growing when we were at Raystown Lake. Not too shabby!

I could probably do a series of pics taken of our dog Molly. She is a 3 year old yellow lab that my kids adore. Up until recently she was strictly an outside dog. That is, until we went away twice and left her with my in-laws, who promptly spoiled her, let her come into their house, and now she thinks she’s an inside dog.

A half blurry dog and kids shot.

I had to chuckle to myself when I discovered this picture amongst my others recently. Apparently a little someone took this of me one day while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m at my usual laptop spot (the kitchen table) and from the look on my face, I’m either deep in concentration, a little ticked about something, or at least not amused about whatever I’m reading and/or looking at.

Another Molly shot. It looks as if she’s taking a nap after chewing up a paper. A dog’s life is pretty tough, you know.

My daughter Heidi, looking through binoculars across our kitchen at whoever is the photographer of the moment.

A nature shot, taken by Daniel in the woods behind our backyard.

And last but not least…a cute photo of my Josh posing in my hat with his tongue out.

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