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Seersucker Scarf

I haven’t made a good scarf project in awhile, so here’s a new design I experimented with:

A classic seersucker stripe with an added touch…

A mini pom-pom trim on three of the sides.

It may be a little more lightweight and appropriate for summer, but I like it anyhow.

I’m not a major pom-pom type of girl, but I really dig this mini pom trim, found at JoAnn’s. (Simplicity brand–they had tons of other awesome trims as well.)

The construction of this piece was pretty simple.

I took my seersucker fabric and determined how long and wide I wanted it to be. (My finished one is @5″W by 50″L.)

Double the desired width, plus about 1″, and cut your fabric. My piece of seersucker wasn’t long enough so I cut two of the same length and width and joined them in the middle, sewing right sides together and then pressing open. Fold in half lengthwise (right sides together), press, and sew along the entire length and along one of the short ends.

Turn right side out, tuck the remaining short side in, press, pin, and top-stitch around the entire outside.

Pin mini pom-pom trim around three of the sides and stitch around the edges. Since this was such a mini trim, this was the hardest step for me and I ended up using a short zig-zag stitch to reinforce it.

If I made another one of these I would probably make it a tad bit longer, or even into an infinity scarf.

See my other scarf tutorials from last fall here and here.

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