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Handmade Christmas Series: Button Bookmarks

Hey there everyone!

I would like to begin a new series on here with ideas for handmade Christmas gifts. (It’s only 2 months away!!) Beginning today, I will be sharing some of my favorite ideas–ones that I’ve already done, plus some new things I have up my sleeve 🙂

To kick us off, I am posting a re-run of one of my favorites from last year.

PS-For all of you fellow bloggers, if you would like to do a guest post featuring one of your ideas, I would love to have you. Just leave me a comment and I will contact you.


Christmas gift ideas are totally swirling around in my mind. If you, like me, are also thinking of pretty little gifts that you can make ahead, here’s another quick idea for you. Also, if you are familiar at all with my blog, you’ll know that I did another bookmark idea not too long ago. Well, here’s another one, this time for all of you non-sewers out there. These are equally as sweet and completely easy to make.

Thinking of trying to make some for yourself? All the materials you’ll need are: fabric scraps, paperclip, button-cover kit, and hot glue/gun.

All it takes are a few simple steps:

1. Cut out a fabric circle approximately twice the diameter of the button cover.

2. Place the fabric printed side facing down in the button-cover mold.

3. Push the front half of the button rounded side down on top of the fabric.

4. Tuck the edges of the fabric into the center, and then press the button back into it until it is firmly encased.

5. Thread the paperclip through the shank of the button until the button rests at the top rounded edge.

6. Hot glue in place. I dabbed hot glue around the shank area and also where the edges of the button back rest on the paperclip.

4 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Series: Button Bookmarks”

  1. This is one of our favorite things to do! We love it because you get to be artistic and put your love into the gift instead worrying about the cost of the item. One year for Easter, I gave my kids homemade keepsake book markers made from fabric and ribbon and a book (amongst other things) to go in their Christmas stockings. Now when my son uses his book marker for every book we read together. It’s become a special item that we use during bedtime stories.

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