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Handmade Christmas Series: Kids Pajamas

I wanted to post this before the hurricane hits us within this next day and we lose power. It looks like we are directly in Sandy’s path! Today I’m sharing a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks–homemade pajamas for my kids and all the other little ones in my life. Several of my kids have worn theirs already, but the rest are for Christmas presents. You know I love a good practical present, and you can’t get much more practical than a new pair of PJ’s. I love how these turned out and am gladly sharing the tutorial on how I made them.

You can probably already tell from the picture that I did not make the shirts. True, I sewed up the pants and found a cool new (and easier) way to make them. The shirts are bought plain T’s that I appliqued a shape on using fabric leftover from the pants.

Here’s a brief how-to on making the pants. I used fleece for some and flannel for the others.

Lay out your fabric and fold one edge in.
Take a pair of your child’s pants and fold them in half. Lay the long edge against the folded edge of fleece/flannel. Use this as a template to mark/cut about 1″ away from the edge of existing pants.
Use the first half as a template to mark and cut a pants half on the other side. Open up both halves and lay them with right sides together.
Sew up the rounded edges on both sides. Do not sew the actual pant legs just yet.
With right sides still together, fold the two halves so they actually resemble pants. Now is the time to sew up along the legs! I did this in one continuous stitch, starting at one bottom, pivoting at the crotch area, and going down the other leg.
Fold up the bottom of each pant leg and sew the hem. (For the fleece I did one fold, for the flannel I folded up @1/2″, then another 1/2″.)
Next you need to create a waistband. Fold top edge down @1″ and sew around the whole thing except leave about 2″ open. Measure your child’s waist and cut an elastic that is 1″ larger. Thread the elastic through the waist casing and sew the overlapping edges. Finish up by sewing the 2″ gap closed. Turn right side out and you’re all done!
Cut out a shape from the same fabric you used for the pants. Iron on fusible interfacing and place on the plain t-shirt. I used a short zig-zag stitch to sew around the edges.

My son Josh has already worn this pair a few nights and is proud of his new PJ’s. It was fun matching different colors/fabrics/shapes to the differing personalities.

These were fun to make and actually pretty easy once I got the pants down pat. I loved the fact that you don’t really need a pattern for these and am contemplating making a comfy pair for myself.

7 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Series: Kids Pajamas”

  1. I love this, You make it look so easy. PJ patterns run so full and also long in the crotch. I would like to pull this off. Especially like the trim on the shirt. Great job.

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