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Handmade Christmas Series: Knit Dishcloths

Last Christmas one of my favorite gifts was from my very best friend. She gave me several dishcloths that she crocheted in some of my favorite colors and included a bottle of dish soap with the gift. How’s that for practical, eh?

Well, I don’t crochet (not yet–maybe she can teach me) but I do know some basic knitting. Nothing too fancy, mind you, but enough to get by. I came across some fun knitting patterns for dish cloths on Little House in the Suburbs and thought I’d try some.

Can you guess what I did while the hurricane was blowing outside? Ha ha–yep, that’s when I worked on these. Thankfully we were spared any damage and other than a few flickers, never lost power! My heart aches for those who got hit hard by Sandy and lost their homes. I really just can’t imagine what they are going through right now.

I tried out three different patterns and like them all. The beauty of these is that it’s a quick project, easily completed in an evening. Here’s a sampling of the designs I tried.

This one is named the Andalutheean.

The link to the pattern for this one is here.

This is an extreme close up of the Very Seedy Dishcloth pattern. The chocolate brown one in the group pic is the same design. Check out the specifics at this link.

This little blue number has taken a little longer, but I have to admit that I tried it just because I liked the name. It’s called the Ramen Noodle dishcloth.

Yes, I realize my knitting skills have much room for improvement, but hey, I’m still learning.

The instructions for the Ramen Noodle one are right here. She has a number of other great patterns as well.

Just another quick idea for handmade Christmas gifts. Oh, and there’s just under two months left, so plenty of time to whip up a bunch of these.

4 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Series: Knit Dishcloths”

  1. I love these little knit scrubbed. My mom used to make them for all of us each Christmas and we loved them. I have not even thought about them in years, but this makes me very nostalgic and I think I may need to make some for my daughters this year. Thanks for sharing.

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