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Handmade Christmas Series: Hymnal Page Flower Ornaments

As I was looking through my Pinterest boards the other day, I found a very do-able idea for ornaments on my Christmas board. The idea used old book pages, but I utilized old hymnal pages instead. Here’s the results of my copycat efforts:

It was pretty simple to pull off. As in my previous post, I used canning lids as the base for the ornament.

Then I proceeded to cut out circles of a couple different sizes.

As you can see in the picture below, I used a bamboo skewer to roll the stacks of circles so the edges curl up.

Then, using hot glue, I adhered them around the edge of the lid, starting with the biggest circles and going smaller as I came near the center.

To put the finishing touches on these, I added a little glitter around the edges and glued a glass gem to the center of the flower. Oh, and I also put a little wire hanger on the back as well.

Cute and easy. I did several with a red glass gem in the middle just for fun.

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