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Handmade Christmas Series: Book Page Wreath

You know I enjoy a good wreath project. This one is a style I have not tried to date, but I LOVE how it turned out!

This did take a little bit of time to make, but it’s all easy stuff. Oh, and you don’t need many supplies either. It’s actually a pretty cheap thing to make, whether it’s for your own door or wall OR as a gift for someone else.

I’ll start by explaining how I did the middle portion. I took a canning lid and band, cut a circle of burlap slightly larger than the band, and enclosed the burlap so it’s nice and snug in between the lid and band. I hot glued the inner ring of the band to hold everything nice and tight. I then took a sheet of poster board and cut a nice sized circle out, then glued this burlap/canning lid center in the middle. (You could use another fabric as well.)

Now for the outer part of the wreath—you can use old book pages, or in this case, old hymnal pages or sheet music. I cut my pages in half, then rolled each one in a loose cone shape. Hot glue the more pointy end to secure. After you have a bunch of these cone shapes rolled and ready, glue them down around that middle portion. I did one complete layer, then filled in the gaps with additional cones. You may need 2-3 layers to make this look really full.

For the finishing touches I glued on one of these glittery Christmas words I happened upon at Wal Mart. (They were 3 for $2 I think.)

I definitely liked using these as they add a little extra color and glitz to the wreath.

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