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Handmade Christmas Series: Red Hot Wreath

Yes, I am doing another repeat post from last year. I have a love/hate relationship with looking back at old postings. (I’m sure some of you fellow bloggers can commiserate!) Some of my old posts make me cringe and wish I could delete them, and others just plain make me smile. This is one that makes me smile. I loved this wreath!


If you’re not into bold colors or prints, I apologize now. The wreath I just made is definitely not for the faint of heart.

See what I mean? A bold red and white print coupled with bright red felt roses. How’d I make it? Let me show you…

I started out with a plain straw wreath form (14″). A foam wreath form would work too.

Taking some vintage fabric, I cut long lengths of it, @5-6″ wide. Folding one edge in as I went, I wrapped it around the wreath form until it was completely covered. I hot glued the ends to hold in place.

Using the same method for making felt roses I used here, I made 9 large red blooms and adhered them to one side of my wreath. That’s it! The results? Well, you’ll either like it or hate it. I’m hoping for like it, but we’ll see.

One thing’s for sure though–any front door with this hanging on it would be impossible to miss!

3 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Series: Red Hot Wreath”

  1. I love this wreath! I have the supplies to make like 5 wreaths but never seem to get around to it! This has inspired me to get with the program! Also I love you your Template! I used this one when I first started last year. I still miss some of it’s features! I would love to have you come by and link up to my new linky party “Show Me Your Plaid Monday’s”

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