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Toy Gifts That Are Worth Buying

If you are in the midst of Christmas shopping for any little people in your life, then hopefully this post is for you!

Since I have been parenting for well over a decade now, you can imagine that I’ve seen my share of toys. Toys have come and (thankfully) toys have gone. I am not a big fan of having oodles of toys lying around and cluttering up my house. Truthfully, I think that sends kids into overload and they don’t even appreciate what they do have.

On that note, I compiled a  little list of toys that our family has either bought or received and have truly been played with for a long time. This is solely based on our experience. I’m sure your family would have a different list.

Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up dolls. These are great and even come in their own little wooden box and stand for the doll. We have several of these and they have had lots of mileage.

Luckily they sell boy ones too! My little guys like changing their boy from fireman to superhero to knight, or mixing and matching him to look silly.

In all honesty, I have enjoyed all the Melissa and Doug brand toys we have had over the years. Most of them are worth it.

My best friend gave my boys this book from Klutz several years ago. It shows very detailed illustrations of how to make various paper airplane designs. My Andrew in particular still spends hours making these planes. There’s a lot of other great products that the Klutz brand makes as well.

Of course, with names like Kamikaze, Swashbuckler, and The Professional, it makes them that much cooler:)

Legos, Legos, Legos! We love our Legos here. I don’t love stepping on Legos, but they have been a great toy for all my kids. I completely lucked out at a yard sale a couple years back and scored a huge box of mixed pieces for 10 bucks. I have to mention that we do NOT love the Lego kits, just the basic pieces for kids to make their own ideas. Many hours have been spent designing things out of those $10 Legos.

Bristle Blocks. We’ve had ours for ?? years and they still love them.

A Play Kitchen. When my oldest was a toddler I bought him a mini toy kitchen, then years later found a large one at a yard sale. Lots of pretend meals were made on that thing!

Our metal Tonka dump truck has gotten lots and lots of mileage over the years. It has hauled everything from sand, dirt, leaves, and stones to little brothers and sisters. I would recommend this for any boy out there!

In the same vein, we used to have a wooden excavator/backhoe that the kids could sit on and maneuver to dig, scoop, and dump sand or dirt. Eventually we had to get rid of it only because it was worn out from use. That thing was worth every penny!

Toy instruments. One of the other best toys we’ve gotten was 2 toy ukuleles from my Mom for Christmas. My twins played with these for years, making up their own little songs.

A book is always a good gift for people in my household. One of our favorites is The Dangerous Book for Boys. It has all kinds of info and how-to’s that little boys (and big boys) dig.

With all the toy options out there, you still can’t beat giving a kid a good old flashlight.

Or a box!!

1 thought on “Toy Gifts That Are Worth Buying”

  1. Love the list of Toys Worth Buying… except for the the Bristle Buddy Blocks. Those have been outlawed in my house. When my oldest son was 2 year old (or so) without my knowledge, he was sneaking into the bathroom and flushing Bristle Buddy Blocks down the toilet. Unfortunately, there were some tree roots that grew into our septic pipe that transfers the blocks from the toilet to the sewage system. As advertised, the blocks easily stick to everything!! including tree roots in the pipes. It backed up the disgusting stuff into my house. My husband had to dig up the back yard to find out where the blockage was… he broke open the pipe… and out flowed Bristle Buddy Blocks. Needless to say, the remaining blocks disappeared that day and have NEVER returned to my house. My son is 29 years old and is still remembered for that day! 🙂

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