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A Recap of Our Christmas 2012

Are you recovered from Christmas yet?

We’re getting there, but it still looks like a stuff bomb has detonated in my house.

I can’t stand that cluttered feeling, but I’m willing to let the house slide just a bit for another day or so.

Today I thought I’d share a few pics from our family Christmas.

cmas 2012 036

This is one of my favorite shots from the day. I purchased a number of books as gifts for my kids, one called The Art of the Catapault and the other is Backyard Ballistics. As you can imagine, all of the boys (including the Big One–aka my husband) have been feverishly studying these. Lord help me is all I can say.

cmas 2012 045

After we opened our gifts Christmas morning, my oldest son announced that he had a surprise for everyone. He opened up his trumpet case and serenaded us with a few Christmas songs.

cmas 2012 046I love this picture as well  because of the expression on Heidi’s face. My daughter has been begging for her own sewing machine for the last two years. I researched kids sewing machines and came across some pretty bad reviews of each kids model. I decided to teach her on my own machine and just get a good kids instructional book to go along with lessons. She is very into it! Like mother, like daughter.

cmas 2012 047

One of our only group shots, this one taken at my husband’s grandmother’s house. Unfortunately I didn’t think to get one of all 7 of us! As you can see, my kids are cracking up about something. Apparently as I was taking the picture my dearest was behind me making faces. It worked!

cmas 2012 050

Speaking of my other half, here we are having a little snuggle. There’s not many pictures of just the two of us either!

cmas 2012 052This is just a random shot from my in-laws, post-lunch. Everyone is mingling and the kids are checking out a few of the gifts they’ve opened.

cmas 2012 064After a short rest time at home, we scurried down the road to my brother’s place for a Christmas dinner with my side of the family. The BIG gift for my kiddos (and us I guess) was a 32″ new TV. My parents had offered to get us a new one as we’ve had a small 19″ one for years. After being dropped way too many times, the remote no longer works and now neither do the buttons on the TV. I try to up the volume manually and the power turns off, or try to change the channel and something else happens. Yup, it was time for a new one.

cmas 2012 058This is one of my nieces holding her new guinea pig. She and her sister each received one for a pet, along with a cage and other necessities. My kids loved going down to their basement to hold and play with them. I thought this was a sweet picture of Mikayla.

Well, that’s it for pics that I wanted to put on here. Here are a few other highlights from our Christmas:

*Getting snow on Christmas Eve and waking up to a white Christmas. It was beautiful.

*Having a special breakfast with just our crew. My husband had a couple of kids help him cook some special waffles with our own honey butter sauce. It was delish!

*Seeing all of our immediate family on Christmas Day. Sure, it made things a little more hectic, but it was nice anyhow.

*Knowing that I did not go overboard on gifts and didn’t spend a whole lot. In fact, I was mighty proud of the fact that I found some great used items for my kids (even still in the box) at Goodwill and other thrift stores. I also made some gifts as well.

*The fact that my kids truly appreciated and were grateful for what they received. Honestly, they didn’t even ask for much. One of my little guys kept hugging me over and over because I got him a $5 remote control car. Even just opening their stockings and finding $1 items made them very excited. To my husband and I, that was very refreshing.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I’m really looking forward to 2013!!

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