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A Cool Refrigerator Update

Yesterday I tackled a task that I admittedly don’t do often enough. I emptied out my fridge entirely, pulled all the shelves out, wiped everything down, and got rid of some old or questionable food items. Then I added a little somethin’ to pretty it up a bit.

fridge shelves 007

Believe me, these are much prettier than my “before” pictures.

Not only is my fridge grime-free, it has this cute black and white patterned liner on the shelves.

fridge shelves 001

I bought this 2 pack of shelf liner at Marshall’s for about $6. (I only used up part of one roll for this project, so I can do a lot more with that pack!) They had a few cute other options, but I didn’t think my man would be too wild about hot pink or turquoise glaring at him every time he opened the fridge.

The sweet part about this is that it can be wiped down and has nice graph-like lines on the back so I didn’t get too off-course with the cutting aspect.

fridge shelves 004

After wiping down each shelf thoroughly and letting them dry, I cut out the liner according to size and carefully applied each one. It was pretty easy, though I did get a few air bubbles that needed to be worked out. I discovered that you can peel these back up if needed, which is a good thing!

fridge shelves 006

fridge pics 2 001

fridge pics 2 002

After putting everything back in place, I am enjoying my like-new, pretty refrigerator.

5 thoughts on “A Cool Refrigerator Update”

  1. Who knew the inside of a fridge could look so cute! This is motivating me to clean mine–which also doesn’t happen too often đŸ˜‰

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