A Smartie Pants Valentine

Happy Monday everyone! I drew this one out of my archives as it was one of my favorite Valentines to make last year. It’s also one that gets “pinned” on Pinterest fairly often, so I thought I’d give it a second showing.


I like this Valentine because it could be suitable for a boy or a girl. Our house is a bit outnumbered with boys, so I thought this may be appropriate for one of my guys to give as Valentine’s for their class.

It’s supposed to resemble a jeans pants pocket with a pack of Smarties candy tucked inside. The caption reads “Happy Valentine’s Day Smartie Pants.” I’m sure it’s mostly self-explanatory, but in case you need directions on how to make this, here’s what I did:

I cut out large rectangles in a light blue color of cardstock. Then I took a darker shade of blue, made a template, and cut out a corresponding number of pocket shapes (they have to be large enough to hold a package of Smarties). On my computer, I typed out a simple document with the wording and printed it also in dark blue.

Glue on the wording near the bottom. Turn on your sewing machine and straight stitch around all edges of the pocket except for the top. (Yes, I realize I may be a bit over the top for sewing a bunch of kids’ valentines, but that’s just who I am. 🙂 It’s actually more secure than trying to glue the darn thing and didn’t take long.)

Pop in a pack or two of Smarties and you’re good to go!

PS-This post is dedicated to my Mom, who never fails to have a pack of Smarties for her grandbabies. In fact, we considered it a milestone for each kid when they figured out which pocket of her purse her “stash” was in and tried to help themselves. Thanks, Mom–maybe that’s why I have such a bunch of Smarty-Pants kiddos now.

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