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Plain Turtleneck To Easter Cardigan

There’s a mystery that I ponder every spring: Why do clothing companies make little girls’ Easter dresses either sleeveless or short-sleeved when Easter is usually still cold?

This bugs me every year! Sure, my little cutie can wear a pretty new Spring  dress, but I usually have to cover it up with a white sweater.

Well, this year her white sweater is too small.  Instead of buying a new one, I revamped a white turtleneck that’s been lying around in the back of her shirt drawer. (Hence the wrinkles in the first picture!!)

H easter cardigan 001

My first move was to trim off the ends of the sleeves and get rid of the turtleneck portion. I then cut up the middle of the front the whole way.

H easter cardigan 003

After that I hemmed up all of those edges that I just trimmed up, turning each in about 1/4″, then another 1/4″ and sewing.

H easter cardigan 005

To add some finishing touches, I made a flower embellishment using a flower trim that I cut apart (found at Wal Mart in the ribbons and trims section, sold by the yard.)

H easter cardigan 011

I also added a white grosgrain ribbon around the neckline.

H easter cardigan 012

The result is a pretty, “new” white cardigan that my little girl can wear with her Easter dress, or as a layering piece with other spring items.

H easter cardigan 009

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