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Camouflage Cupcakes

I can’t believe that my “babies,” my twin boys, are turning 6 this week!!

Right now they are pretty much obsessed with anything related to guns, army, soldiers, etc.

Sooo… I thought they might dig some camouflage cupcakes for their big day.

camo cupcakes 014

And what better way to top off a camo cupcake than with an army guy?

camo cupcakes 020

Pretty cool, right?

I know tons of little (and big!) boys who would love these. No girly or fussy cupcakes for these dudes!

Here’s a little rundown of how I made these….

Start off by mixing a white cake mix in one bowl and a chocolate cake mix in a separate bowl.

Line a bunch of cupcake tins with your paper liners.

Once they’re mixed, set out 2 more empty mixing bowls. Put a spoon in each bowl.

Now, to get the whole swirly, multi-colored camo thing going on, you’ll end up making 4 different colors/variations.

camo cupcakes 005

In one bowl, mix equal parts white and chocolate.

In the second, do white with just a bit of chocolate and add green food coloring.

For the other two, just leave them plain chocolate and plain vanilla.

Now, simply add dollops of each color kind of randomly in your cupcake tins.

camo cupcakes 007

Since I made two complete cake mixes, I had plenty of batter, so I took the rest and did a small cake as well, using the same method.

camo cupcakes 008

Here’s what they look like fresh out of the oven.

camo cupcakes 013

I think they look better with a swirl of icing, and of course, an army man!

camo cupcakes 017

camo cupcakes 019

Happy Birthday to my littlest men!

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