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New Spring Curtains!

With the approach of some *possible* spring weather, I’ve been on a curtain-making binge.

Yep, 4 of our rooms now have different curtains hanging in them. I’m a little nutty like that when I get on a kick. Today I’ll be sharing the ones I made for our living room.

Oh, and by the way, I hardly spent a thing to make them. Store-bought curtains can be so stinking expensive! I’ve priced them out before and even if you think you’re getting an okay deal, that’s sometimes just the price for one half of a window. With an overflowing fabric stash, I raided it and found something unique for each of the rooms.

For this pair, I used a linen white tablecloth that my mother trash-picked for me last year. It was still in its packaging, so don’t be too grossed out. (Good job Mom!) She knew I may find a good use for it, and so I did:

curtains, ebay 4-6-13 004

curtains, ebay 4-6-13 010

It was in perfect shape, so I cut it in half and used that white linen as a base for my curtains. My other ones were much more formal-looking valances. I was looking for something more casual and bright, so the white fit the bill for that.

curtains 007

To add some pops of bright color, I embellished these with some quilting squares I had won off of Ebay. They are Amy Butler fabrics–I forget the name of the collection, but thought they were very pretty. Basically I sewed a few together in a strip, then sewed them near the top of the curtain. I have a bunch left, so I may make a matching pillow to go with.

curtains 005

I love the colors and designs in these squares!

For some finishing touches, I sewed on a length of orange grosgrain ribbon to the top and a length of green to the bottom of the squares.

Hanging with my handmade curtains are lace panels that I’ve had for many years.

All in all, I am enjoying my new curtains and think they definitely give my room a different look. You never know what you can come up with when thinking a bit outside of the box!

I may be sharing some of my other curtain-making adventures in the near future, so stay tuned!!

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