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DIY Sheer Curtains

I’m back…. this time with another show and tell of handmade curtains  I had made for my daughter’s room recently.

H Curtains 002

The inspiration for these came from this cool sheer fabric I found at either Goodwill or thrift store probably a year ago.

H Curtains 007

Here’s a more close-up look at this fabric.

H Curtains 011

I have no idea how old this fabric is, but it had a nice vintage look to it with all of these world travel locations and icons.

H Curtains 004

I didn’t have quite enough to make two full sets of panels, so I used sheer pink chiffon to help complete these, doubling it up and making a loop for the curtain rod to go through.

H Curtains 005

Where they join I sewed on a green grosgrain ribbon and zig-zag stitched it with pink thread. I already had the green pull-down blinds for her windows, so it matched up nicely. (I think–I’m always questioning my own taste.)

H Curtains 001I do have to admit that I never really had much experience working with sheer material. My vintage material wasn’t too tough to work with, but the pink chiffon was a little too “slippery” to work with for my taste.

All in all though, I was pleased with how these turned out and rather enjoy making curtains.

1 thought on “DIY Sheer Curtains”

  1. You have every right to be very proud of yourself for sewing these pretty curtains. And I’m sure your daughter loves them. Back during the 50’s & 60’s most all of my five daughters got home made clothes that I made for them. They always loved them. Save whenever you can and enjoy sewing. Now I made the bridesmaid dresses for one of my granddaughters wedding and I thought I was finished sewing clothes. But occasionally I make a dress for myself!!.

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