Strawberry Jelly

As summer is quickly approaching, I am excited to be doing some canning again. I LOVE to make jellies and jams and am eager to possibly try some new recipes this season.

Within the last week or two I have made some Strawberry Rhubarb Pineapple Freezer Jam, and then this basic Strawberry Jelly…

strawberry jelly, H brownie awards 021

I love the beautiful color of this!

For the past couple of years, my mother-in-law has gotten me seconds from an Amish family that raises organic produce. Some of their older kids help milk on my in-laws’ dairy, so they give her a sweet deal on flats of seconds.

strawberries 002

Yes, these were “seconds.” They still look pretty darn good to me!

I used some up to make strawberry milkshakes for my family and the rest for the jelly.

Basically I followed the recipe that comes inside the box of Sure Jell pectin powder. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

May I make a confession to you?

I used to be intimidated by making jelly. Yep, I was. (I’m still a bit scared to use a pressure canner, but that’s a whole different story.) As a newlywed, I started out by just making freezer jams. Once I realized how doggone simple they were, I moved on to canned jams, then eventually I tried out jellies as well. Now I do some of each.

Folks, it really is not hard. As long as you have the right ingredients, canning tools, a little time set aside, and the ability to follow written directions, you will be JUST fine. Believe me, if my sometimes airheaded self can do it, you can too;)

If you put in a little effort, the results can be beautiful.

strawberry jelly, H brownie awards 010

Though I use some jelly jars for our jelly (usually ones I plan to use as gifts), I do a lot of pints now for just our family. We can go through a small jar pretty quickly, so I don’t mess around!

strawberry jelly, H brownie awards 017

strawberry jelly, H brownie awards 019

Seeing these jars makes me a very happy Mama!

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