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Crochet-Edge Baby Quilt

This is a project that I had in the works a few weeks ago. My best friend was expecting her third child in May and I intended it as a baby gift. Since she didn’t find out the baby’s gender ahead of time, I wanted to make a baby blanket that was sort of gender neutral.

madelyn 001

Yes, I realize that it looks a bit more girly than boyish, so it’s a good thing that she had a little girl.

For the quilt squares, I used what was left from my living room curtain project. (They are Amy Butler’s “Lark” line of fabric–FYI)

I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but I used a dark blue fabric for the back that is similar to pajama jeans material. It actually is nice and super soft, so perfect for a baby!

madelyn 005

Instead of binding this like I would a typical baby quilt, I added a couple rows of blue crochet for something different. First I used the blanket stitch setting on my sewing machine, then wove this soft baby yarn through the perimeter. Using that, I did 2 rows of single crochet around the whole thing.

madelyn 002

I think it added a little unexpected touch, so I would definitely make another one with a crocheted border.

madelyn 009The best part of all? Delivering my gift to this beautiful baby girl and her mama. Oh, and seeing my own daughter snuggle and love on a precious newborn. (How can you not love holding a newborn? It’s like one of the best things ever!)

1 thought on “Crochet-Edge Baby Quilt”

  1. I love the idea and want to make one myself, but I’m not sure from the picture how you attached the crocheted border. The blanket stitch?

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