Points to Ponder

A Little Bit Scary…

So today’s post is a bit different from what I normally put on here.

Today I am sharing/venting about something that happened this week that really bugged me. It all has to do with food.

First of all, y’all know I love to make stuff. Pretty much anything DIY and you know I’m all over it. One of the things I really enjoy making is bread. This is something I really do on a regular basis, baking bread at least every other week. Typically I make a few loaves, we eat one right away and I freeze the rest for future consumption. However, I do buy some bread items occasionally as well, usually scoring them for around a dollar each. By the way, if you never make your own bread, I in no way judge you. Not everyone has the time, patience, or even desire to make their own bread. I’m just weird like that.

Anyhow, sometime within the past month I bought hot dog rolls from Wal Mart, getting their Great Value brand pack. Somehow we ate most of the pack and apparently one lonely hot dog roll got lost in the depths of my bread box. I have no idea how I missed it, but somehow it just surfaced yesterday.


Now granted, I can’t remember the exact date we opened this pack, but I know it had to have been probably three weeks prior to my finding it again.

Well, guess what?

That lonely hot dog roll looked and smelled exactly the same as when I bought the pack. It wasn’t hard, funky, or even starting to go moldy.

What does that tell you and I about what is in these rolls/buns?

Um, the word “preservatives” comes to mind. Lots of them, I’ll bet.

I turned the package over to check the ingredient list. I only knew what a few of the ingredients actually are. As for the rest, I would have to have a pretty good knowledge of Chemistry to even have a clue what they are.

This is just a little scary to me. And it makes me glad that I’m weird and enjoy making my lovely loaves of bread. I know exactly what is in them, and they’re pretty good too.

This whole incident reminded me of a quote I had tried to explain to my kids recently:


This is after they were reading a library book about weird and wacky foods. One of my boys was fascinated by the page about Twinkies and was reading us all the Twinkie myths about its longevity and possible shelf life. I had to explain that anything staying good that long had to be pretty cruddy for you. (As a side note, they also read about Spam and couldn’t believe someone would put pressed ham in a can. We did buy some and cooked it up just as a teachable moment. And yes, even though it was probably bad for me, I thought it was pretty palatable.)

Anyhow, I just had to get the hot dog roll incident off my chest. (For an even scarier one, check out this link and read the whole way through to the bottom.) It just makes me think of how we should all be more mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies on a daily basis. We don’t do too shabby around here, but I know there’s times we could do better.

That’s all for now, I just thought I had to share that!

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