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Fun With Tie Dye

One of the items on our summer bucket list was to tie-dye T-shirts.

We took advantage of a nice day about a week and a half ago to do just that, then were able to wear them to Raystown Lake where my side of the family took a little vacation last week.

My crew + 2 nieces
My crew + 2 nieces

I had no idea how they would turn out as I hadn’t tie-dyed a thing since I was in elementary school. Which was, um, quite a number of years ago and I’m sure I was just doing what the teacher instructed us to do.

Thankfully in our tie-dye kit (Jacquard brand) there were clear instructions as well as a pretty informative DVD that showed us how to do the different designs.

Each one is a little bit different, which is the beauty of tie-dye I guess.

We started out with plain white cotton tees. The kit contained a powder (soda ash) that you mix with water to make a solution, then soak your item in it for 20 minutes or so.

When done soaking, you can then make your design using rubber bands. I tried the scrunch method, bulls-eye, spiral, mirror image, and stripes.

tie dye, peas 002

After rubber-banding all of your items, give them another good soak in the solution. In the meantime, get your dyes ready. Our sweet little kit had them ready to go in bottles, you just had to add some water and shake ’em up.

Wring out the excess, then lay on a protected surface. Warning–this is the messy part!! Messy can be fun though:)

tie dye, peas 001

The next step is to add your color. This was by far my most favorite part of tie-dyeing. I don’t think you can really “mess up” as they are all supposed to be unique.

After the color was on, I put each separate piece in a plastic bag to sit for a day. Once the day was up, I took off the rubber bands and rinsed each T-shirt out well, then gave them a good washing in my machine. It was fun to see how our creations came out!

Me and my Fab 5
Me and my Fab 5
...and a view from the back.
…and a view from the back.

As you can see, the kiddos then wore them to Raystown Lake, where we had a good time with family.

My favorite little monsters.
My favorite little monsters.

All in all, I really enjoyed tie-dyeing and would enjoy messing about with it more and trying out some different pattern ideas.

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