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Adding Length to a Dress

I was excited to find this pink knit cotton dress on the Kohl’s clearance rack for $2-something this winter.

june 2013 005

The first time I put it on this summer, it fit just right. Comfy, and most importantly, just the right length. My husband came home and admired it on me, calling me his Pinkalicious woman.

As you can probably see, it has the high-low type of hemline (higher in the front, longer in the back).

Well, after one washing, that hemline rose, I swear about several inches! I tried to wear it again, but thank God I didn’t go anywhere but out in our yard. At 5’10”, most dresses or skirts that look like a modest length on other women fit me about mid-thigh or so. Yep, I can rock the long stuff, but have to be super careful about how other things fall on me. So, after bending over to weed a flowerbed and feeling like I was overexposing myself, I went in the house and quickly changed. That’s when the idea to add a fabric band around the bottom came to me.

june 2013 006

Upon raiding my fabric stash, I settled on this pink and white striped cotton. I measured the circumference of the bottom hemline, then cut that much plus a bit extra, while making sure it was a few inches long as well. After cutting, I folded one long end in 1/4″, then another 1/4″ and pinned along the whole thing. One straight shot of sewing and the new bottom hem was complete!

june 2013 007

Once that was done, I measured what I had against the bottom hem of the dress. They had to line up exactly for this to work out!! I made one short seam along one side of the new fabric band to make it a circle. Then, pinning right sides carefully together, I sewed the new band onto the bottom of my dress.

june 2013 014

This method could be used on almost any basic skirt or dress. I even did something similar to a pair of knit cotton shorts that I had bought for my daughter. (I won’t even start on how improper some little girls’ clothing in stores is!! I couldn’t find one pair that were a decent length. A post on modesty may be in the works…)

My newly updated pink dress, blowing in the breeze.
My newly updated pink dress, blowing in the breeze.

june 2013 011

After doing this little alteration, I felt much more comfortable wearing my pink dress, and it is now a great length for me. Yippee!

1 thought on “Adding Length to a Dress”

  1. So cute, and must confess, something similar happened to me when I was making a summer skirt. I measured hips, but guess I forgot the measurement, ended up a little snug. I also raided my fabric stach, found coordinating pink, added to both sides and a ruffle on the bottom – turned out rather cute, got a white t-shirt trimed it with the skirt fabrics – it is a really cute summer outfit.

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