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Growing Potatoes in a Barrel

If you would happen to drive by my house, this big blue barrel at one corner may catch your eye.

key lime pie 011

What in the world is growing in there?

Potatoes, of course.

I had found this article on Pinterest this spring and was pretty intrigued by the idea.

So, we followed the instructions from there and a couple of other sources, using this big blue barrel as our container. (Apparently you can use a lot of different container options to grow potatoes in. Who knew?)

key lime pie 010

I believe they’re almost ready to dig up.

Actually, scratch that. When you think they’re ready, you can simply dump out the contents of your barrel/container and the potatoes can just be picked up.

Pretty cool, huh?

We did plant a good bit of potatoes the “regular” way, over at our garden plot, which is on my in-laws’ farm. My big boys and I, along with the help of my father-in-law, dug up a bunch of red-skinned potatoes about two weeks ago.

Some other things we’ve been picking lately:

key lime pie 008

Beets. Lots of them. I love beets, which is a good thing since we’ve had so many!

key lime pie 007

Beans. These are some really cool purple ones that we tried out this year. When you cook them at all, they turn green!

key lime pie 006

More beans. This is a haul we picked one morning last week. Here we have plain old green ones, yellow, purple, and flat Italian green beans.

Oh yes, there’s nothing like picking beans in almost 100 degree, humid weather. When we were done, my son Andrew offered me a long drink from the water hose. Um, that’s okay dude, I have a water bottle! I did tell him he could spray me down with it though. He got excited and was like, “Really?!?” Believe me, I could have used a good hosing down after that picking session!

We snapped our beans down in the basement later that day, and I ended up being able to freeze quite a few quart bags.

We also have some squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes are just starting to turn. Sweet corn is getting ready too, so I’m sure we will have a huge corn-freezing day coming up soon. In August we usually also can peaches and lots of tomato products.

Last year our homemade spaghetti sauce was the BOMB, so maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that sometime soon.

1 thought on “Growing Potatoes in a Barrel”

  1. What an awesome idea to grow potatoes. What do you do with all your squash I have tons of it from my garden but heard you can’t freeze it. Do you have any suggestions.

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