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Salad on a Stick

My daughter is becoming quite the little homemaker this summer. One of her favorite things to do is read cookbooks, especially ones geared towards kids. She came upon this recipe and insisted we try it out. With the onslaught of many ripe tomatoes and loads of fresh basil, we gave it a try the other day when two of my nieces were here.

julyaugust 2013 069

The concept is extremely simple, and you only use a few different ingredients.

What I did was gather my ingredients and place them in various bowls, then had some toothpicks available in a pile.

julyaugust 2013 042

All you need is tomatoes (cherry ones would be better), cheese cubes (I used mozzarella), basil leaves, and a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

It’s sorta like a Caprese salad, but on a stick.

julyaugust 2013 073

The kids were pretty into making these. They were totally grubbing on them!

Just as an FYI–my kids can make a bag of potato chips disappear in record time, so I loved this as a healthy snack option.

julyaugust 2013 063

I am a huge Caprese salad fan, so I loved them too.

This could be adapted in different ways to suit different tastes. Maybe it could even be a healthy lunchbox option.

(Actually, I’m not sure if kids can still take toothpicks to school, they might be perceived as a weapon of sorts, LOL.)

So anyway, that’s our little kid and/or grown-up snack idea for you.

Hope you have a glorious late summer day!

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