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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to School They Go

What happens tomorrow is a day that I have fantasized about for many years.

Oh yes, “Good Mommy” as I may sometimes be, I literally can not wait for all 5 of my children to go to school ALL day.

back to school 023

I may not know how to act.

Like the first time I went to the grocery store without a baby and found myself rolling the cart back and forth whenever I stopped to look at something. I still do that sometimes. It becomes like an automatic reflex. So, if you’re ever in a store and see a Mom-looking type rolling an imaginary baby in a cart back and forth, don’t hide your children or be freaked out. It may just be her first time out and about without a little one.

Therefore, without any people underfoot for a semi-large chunk of the day, I really may not know how to act.

Or maybe I will. Like I said, I have kinda fantasized about this scenario for many years.

I’ve had many “When the kids are all in school….” projects that have been on my mental to-do list.

For example, clean/purge/organize my entire house, top to bottom. Yep, that closet where things fall on my head whenever I open it? Cleaned up and organized all cute-like. The laminate desk in H’s room that I’ve been meaning to get rid of? Out along the road with a free sign and thus out of my house. Oh yeah, and while I’m at it, some redecorating may be done as well. Like the stairwell that I’ve intended to paint for the what? last 3 years?? Give me a day or so and that bad boy is gonna be looking sharp. No messing around for this Mama.

Or maybe a little messing around. Who am I kidding? Yes, I may get some of these projects and to-do’s taken care of to some extent, but I fully realize that this little thing called life pops up and interrupts the best-laid plans. Also, I may just relax a bit and try to just enjoy the child-free time. Because frankly, I love this crew, but they really do need to be back in school. We had a pretty good summer, but I’ve really had enough. I’ve about had my fill of summer and kids with me 24/7 for months. I’m getting really tired of the fussing and fighting over the smallest infractions. Like when someone breathes wrong or chews their food wrong (and yes, they have fought about that). I think I reached my saturation point last week when I was trying to steal a few minutes of quiet (just a few!) and looked up to a child 2″ away from my face, asking in a creepy stage-whisper, “Can I play Minion Rush?,” so the siblings wouldn’t hear them and flock to their game-playing side and begging for turns. To top it off, the 2″ away child was breathing fish-stick breath in my face as they talked. Lovely, I know.

Wow, I sound really negative. See, told ya I wasn’t always “Good Mommy.”

All you Moms that swear you are so sad and will cry to see your little cherubs go back to school? I am not one of you apparently. The tears I cry at the bus stop may be ones of unrestrained joy.

Yes, I love them dearly. I really, really do. And I’m certain I will have moments of missing my babies.

But honestly? Can I be transparent here?

I will be happy just to drink coffee and play Candy Crush without interruption.

I will be happy to take a nice long walk without worrying about getting a bunch of stuff done before the bus comes back.

I will be happy to go out and about without needing to be home for the kindergarten bus. (Can I get an amen for just that one?)

I will be happy to clean my well lived-in home and have it not looking like a natural disaster zone. Oh, and without someone to mess it up roughly 10 minutes later.

Oh yes, and last but not least–I’m sure I will be happy to see their smiling faces when they arrive home to their Mama. A Mama who is there for them. One who has cooked for them, juggled all the details of their life, made their favorite treats, packed their lunch, taken care of their laundry, and kept their home a soft place to land after a long day at school.


Happy school days to all!

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