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How to Store Onions

 I’m feeling like a blessed woman right now whenever I take a look at my basement shelves full of canned goods and my chest freezer full of frozen veggies and fruits.

I also have a bunch of potatoes stored in my basement, as well as onions. I never had a great way to store onions until I ran across this nifty little trick on Pinterest.

onions, root beer chicken 008

It’s so, so simple.

Basically you take a pair of old pantyhose (or nylons, tights, whatever you call them) and use them to tie up each onion individually.

onions, root beer chicken 002

Start by pushing the first onion into the “toe” end. Make a knot above it and place a second onion in. Tie a knot and repeat until you have several inches left at the end.

onions, root beer chicken 005

Find a good place to hang ’em up. I used two posts on the corners of the wire shelving units in my basement. Use the excess at the top to tie a good knot on whatever you’re hanging it on.

This was a snap to do! The stretchy quality of the nylons made it easy to put the onions in and all of the little holes allows for good air circulation.

onions, root beer chicken 007

When you need an onion, take scissors and snip below the knot on the bottom onion, leaving the rest hanging.

Plus it looks really cool. My family was super impressed the first time they saw these!

So, whether or not you grow your own, I thought this was a clever little way to make onions last longer in storage.

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