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10 Earthy Ways to Decorate for Fall

Just in case you’re finally pulling together some fall decorations, or want to spruce up your current look, I rounded up some ideas that take minimal materials. By scrounging around your home, yard, and surrounding area, it’s likely that you may have most of the supplies for these pretty decor ideas already on hand.


A pumpkin turned vase for mums–I have actually done this idea before, and it looks beautiful. Some great step by step directions are available on Kojo Designs.

St picnic, canning lid pumpkin 021

If this one looks familiar, it’s because I made it on my blog last fall! No, they’re not “all natural,” but I had to throw it in the list. Mine used canning bands, rolled burlap, and a little felt for an accent leaf.


I love the beachy vibe of these linen and driftwood pumpkins. Find the easy picture tutorial over here. (Bet you can’t guess what is under those linen strips!)


These acorn luminaries take very few materials to make and look great.


Isn’t this basket of white pumpkins gorgeous? I especially love the burlap chevron ribbon that dresses it up! Check out this blog for more details.


This burlap no-sew table runner, wheat centerpiece, and white pumpkins are from my cousin Leslie’s blog. (Go check her out!)


This layered hurricane vase contains popcorn kernels, dried red beans, and lentils.


I think these sheaves of wheat tied to the stair spindles are unique and elegant in their own way.


This acorn wreath is simple and beautiful. A great tutorial for it is found right here.


And while we’re on the subject of wreaths, I absolutely adore this one made out of a wood slice. So stinking cool, and great for fall or winter. Check out East Coast Creative for the step by step on how to make it. This idea is one I’ve already shown my better half–just so he has a heads up in case I need to get my hands on a wood slice one of these days! (Yes, according to him, I am the Queen of Not-So Subtle Hints sometimes. Shocking, right?)

2 thoughts on “10 Earthy Ways to Decorate for Fall”

  1. These ideas are so down to earth and simple! I love the layered corn, beans and lentils…and the simple wheat centerpiece! But I think I reallllly want to try the toilet paper linen pumpkins! Thanks for posting!

  2. Clever, clever, clever! I can’t decide which I like best! The canning jar pumpkin – who looks at those and sees a pumpkin? Amazing. Or so I thought until I read your bio! How do you have time for ANYthing? THAT’s amazing, lol.

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