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Handmade Christmas 2013: Crochet Hair Bows

Today I am starting a little series in preparation for Christmas. Last year I did series of posts with ideas for a handmade Christmas and this year I am doing the same thing with some fresh new ideas for you all.

Whether you have ever been the kind of person to do handmade gifts or not, it’s never too late to try your hand at it. I always appreciate a nice handmade gift, and you know I love giving them! (Like, a,little too much sometimes, but whatever…)

My first idea in this year’s series is pretty cheap to make, and you can make a bunch of them at one time. Plus I think they’re just a little cute to boot. They would be perfect for any little girls in your life as a stocking stuffer or a few different ones packaged together as a gift.

fall 2013 441

Small or large, these bows can be made in a rainbow of colors. I made some with cotton yarn and several with an acrylic yarn. Oh yeah, and I may have forgotten to mention that I did teach myself how to crochet this year! No, I don’t have any mad skills in this department yet, but I am learning. Though I enjoy knitting, I actually think crochet is a little easier since you only have one hook to deal with instead of two needles. If you also have only basic crochet skills, you can totally make these. (And if not, check on You Tube for beginner videos, it really is a snap to learn.)

3 girls bows

I took these pics yesterday when we were babysitting my nieces, so I had 3 pretty little models to show off these bows.

photo (6)

Here’s the process I followed to make these: (I apologize ahead of time as I am no crochet expert and hopefully don’t just confuse you.)

fall 2013 446

Select a crochet hook and yarn. I used a “J” hook for most of my bows and preferred the cotton yarn, which can be bought for around $2 a ball. One ball of yarn would make a ton of these. Make a slip knot and chain stitch about 25, leaving a 2″ tail. You can go smaller than that if you wish, or chain 30-40 if you are going for a bigger bow (like the purple-y twisted yarn one pictured above). Once you get to that number, slip stitch into the first stitch you made to make a circle.

fall 2013 447

Continue around the circle again using whatever stitch you feel like. For some I just did a single crochet several times around, or mixed it up with a double or half-double. Make at least 2-3 rounds, depending on how thick you want the bow to be.

fall 2013 450

Once you’ve gotten in enough rounds, cut off yarn, leaving another tail @6-8″ long. Slide it through that last stitch and pull tight. Now wrap it right around the “middle” of the bow a few times and tie tight with the tail you left hanging at the beginning. Trim and hot glue to a barrette back.

photo (7)

Well, that’s it for now. I have some more ideas up my sleeve to show you in the coming weeks.

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