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Handmade Christmas 2013: Teacup Candles

In continuation of the series I just began several days ago, I have another handmade gift idea for you.

teacup candles, lace earrings 015

No, I realize this isn’t a brand new, original idea to some of you. I think I may have first seen these a couple years ago, but they’ve always been on my “to try” list. I made a few of them yesterday morning and they really didn’t take long to make at all.

teacup candles, lace earrings 022

I picked up some random teacups at Goodwill. Except for the one that came with a saucer, they were all 97 cents a piece. Since I’ve made candles before, I had the rest of the supplies on hand. The basic materials for these are: a teacup, wax, fragrance oil, color (optional), and a wick.

teacup candles, lace earrings 001The wax that I had already was a soy wax that can be melted in the microwave. I like to use a big glass Pyrex measuring cup for this job. (If you are using other waxes, they may need to be melted on a double boiler.) So basically I melt the wax down, heating it in increments of time and stirring it in between until it is a liquid consistency.

teacup candles, lace earrings 002

While the wax is melting I set up my wick and have something to hold it in place. I have these fancy-schmancy holders, but you can use whatever. (Note: I’ve also used No. 2 pencils laid sideways to prop them up, and they worked just fine!) Once the wax is nice and liquid-y, add in your scent and if you have candle coloring, add that in at this time as well. Give it a nice stir so that everything is distributed evenly, then pour into your candle container. Make sure the wick stays in the middle.

teacup candles, lace earrings 014Now you wait until it hardens up, which may take a good hour or so. Once it’s ready trim the wick and you’re all set.

teacup candles, lace earrings 021

Stay tuned for more ideas in the coming weeks! I have a couple that I’m really excited to show you 🙂

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