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Handmade Christmas 2013: Button and Flower Rings

Today’s handmade Christmas gift idea targets all of the little ladies in your life. I know my own daughter was practically swooning over these cutesy rings I slapped together this past week.

cmas wreaths, button rings 041

When I use the phrase “slap together,” I mean that they are so stinking quick to make. Even if you are craft-challenged, these are a breeze to create.

cmas wreaths, button rings 034

What you need: A set of ring blanks (found in jewelry section of craft store under “findings”), Krazy glue (or other jewelry bonding agent), flower cabochons or button cover kit with fabric circles.

To make flower rings: Pick out a flower cabochon and adhere the back of it to the flat circle front of the ring blank. Allow to set and that’s it!

cmas wreaths, button rings 042

To make button rings: Using a button cover kit, use pliers to remove back button shank so that the back portion is completely flat. Put button together with fabric scrap circle. Adhere back of button to front of ring and allow to set.

cmas wreaths, button rings 043

cmas wreaths, button rings 051

cmas wreaths, button rings 044

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