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Handmade Christmas 2013: Scrabble Names Wall Art

This next gift idea is one I whipped up for a friend…so don’t tell her I made it.

It’ll be a secret.

Not really.

I think she reads my blog at least semi-often, so I know she’s going to see it soon enough.

Oh well. We were never too good at surprising one another anyhow.

scrabble board, music ornament 001

Take a peek. It’s all the names in her family spelled out in scrabble tiles.

scrabble board, music ornament 006

Each name intersects with at least one other. I started with the parents, then did the oldest child, and built from there. The letter tiles I purchased off of Amazon and the burlap board I found at Wal Mart (or you can cover a plain canvas with burlap). Wal Mart had many sizes and shapes, and I believe this one is 10″ by 10″. Each letter is just hot glued onto the burlap.

scrabble board, music ornament 007

One corner of the board looked a little empty, so I placed their last name in that spot by itself.

scrabble board, music ornament 008

All in all, I think this is a neat family gift that is very personalized.

I wouldn’t mind making one for my own family, so I may be doing one in the coming days for us. We’re kind of nerdy, so the Scrabble tiles suit us pretty well:)

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