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Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath

Since a lot of people often decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, I thought it would be timely to share a Christmas wreath idea today.

cmas wreaths, button rings 004

This one is a heart-shaped foam wreath form wrapped with a red yarn and embellished with white felt roses.

cmas wreaths, button rings 005

I also used a little green felt to make leaves for the roses. A green with red grosgrain ribbon was used as the hanger.

cmas wreaths, button rings 001

Very simple and not a lot of bells and whistles, but sometimes simplest is best.

While I have made my share of yarn-wrapped wreaths, doing a heart shape was new for me. The result is pretty, but I have to admit that wrapping it was much more awkward than doing a basic circle wreath, especially when it comes to the center point areas. It definitely took a lot of yarn to make sure those areas were well covered.

Actually, if you just switch out the ribbon, this would make a great Valentine’s Day wreath as well!

If you want to check out my Christmas wreaths from previous years, here are the links:

book wreaths, jars 025

Book Page wreath, this one made out of old sheet music.

yarn wreath 010

A Yuletide Yarn Wreath

red wreath 004

Red Hot Wreath, wrapped in vintage fabric.

Can you tell I love making wreaths? Oh yes I do.

Hope you count your blessings tomorrow and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

4 thoughts on “Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath”

  1. So much fun. . .and beauty! Thanks! Hope you have a wonderful week being wife, loving mother, caring daughter and woman of God. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Grateful for your friendship! Laurel

  2. These are adorable! I love the vintage look of them. Thanks for sharing! I’m inspired to try my own. I’ve been wanting to do something for my classroom door. 🙂

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