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Handmade Christmas 2013:Printed Bookmarks

As you may already know, we are a family of avid readers. My husband and I have been that way since childhood and our oldest three have definitely “caught” the reading bug too. Our 6 year olds are not far behind, one of my twins being just a little more ahead of the game than his brother…but he’s catching up. Yes, I was a little surprised the other week when I heard Joseph reading aloud from a 4th grade chapter book and nailing almost every word. You have no idea how much it pleases me that I have family of bookworms! The only problem with that is they have a tendency to dog-ear the pages instead of using a bookmark. Oh yeah, and let their books randomly lay all over the place–we still need to work on that one.

marshmallows, bookmarks 035

Therefore, I made up some bookmarks for them to hopefully use, and will place these in their stockings. Pink ones with vintage ladies and quotes/verses about smiling for my girl and a manly green with character quotes for my boys.

marshmallows, bookmarks 036

I found printables on  The Prudent Homemaker’s website. If you’ve never visited her website or blog, it is well worth checking out. She is amazing, and her photographs knock my socks off. There are a few other bookmark options on her site as well.

marshmallows, bookmarks 015

These are ever so simple to make and I’m sure you can figure it out without my explanation. Basically I printed out the bookmarks I wanted on colored cardstock and used a paper trimmer to make them an appropriate size. I used laminating sheets to cover each one as well, then punched a hole in the top. To finish these off I just used some ribbon with Fray Check on the ends so they don’t get all frayed.

marshmallows, bookmarks 024

marshmallows, bookmarks 026

The result is a simple little gift for the readers in your life that will hopefully withstand lots of good books.

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