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Cozy Hand Warmers

Anybody else have cold hands?

I’ve almost always had cold hands (and feet!) and I’m sure they’re about to get colder here soon.

The project I’m sharing today is perfect for using on a blustery cold day. That is, if you venture out at all in it. Here in PA the temps are dropping 50 degrees in the span of one day. It’s been a really crazy sort of winter for a lot of folks, and spring is still a long way off it seems.

Hopefully something like these can help to warm you up.

hand warmers, granola 014

Homemade hand warmers, perfect for tucking into pockets before heading out in the cold. Easy to make, and easier to heat up–just pop them in the microwave! Mine are made of a cozy flannel in this cute blue houndstooth print. These would be a good project for beginning sewers or someone who likes a quick little project.

hand warmers, granola 005

To make these, cut fabric into squares (mine are about 4″ by 4″). You will need 2 squares for each warmer.

With right sides together, sew or serge along 3 of the sides, leaving that 4th side open. It should now look like a pocket.

Flip that pocket right side OUT now, and fill 2/3 of the way full with rice (uncooked, of course;))

Tuck the raw edges in and hand-sew or carefully machine sew that last side closed, making sure you don’t lose that rice inside.

hand warmers, granola 008

That’s all. See? Quick and easy. I haven’t tried it yet, but these would be cute done in heart shapes–perhaps a Valentine gift?

As I mentioned previously, pop these babies in the microwave to heat them up and they should stay warm for awhile. I did make a large, rectangular version of these as a heating pad and it works great.

hand warmers, granola 013

Stay warm everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cozy Hand Warmers”

  1. My sister and I made a few of these a little bigger for natural heating pads. We added oils to the rice (Lavender oil in my case) and when we heated them they also added a nice aroma to the mix! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I never thought to make them pocket-sized but what a great idea!

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