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4 Boys, 1 Bedroom

I am beginning to do my post-Christmas purge of the house. This is an opportune time of the year to pull this off because 1) There ain’t much happening in January 2) It’s yucky out and I’m stuck inside a lot and 3) Christmas just happened and things have accumulated much more than I wanted them to. In other words, I hate too much clutter and we have a lot of crap to get rid of. Granted, we really don’t have an exorbitant amount of stuff per person, but there’s 7 of us here and our house isn’t that big. Therefore, if more stuff comes in, other stuff needs to leave. That’s where today’s lovely little post comes in. I certainly didn’t intend for my purging to become a blog thing, but after cleaning up my boys’ room yesterday (a.k.a. getting rid of junk while they were at school and couldn’t see things “disappear”), I realized how good it looks cleaned up and organized. I also realized that I’ve never done a little tour of any of our rooms.

Therefore, today I am sharing about how we fit all 4 of our boys into 1 bedroom. Sounds a little crazy, I know, but it works for us. If anyone has 3 or more children, unless they have a really big house, it’s likely that some siblings will share a room. I draw inspiration from seeing how other people pull things off, so hopefully today’s picture tour can give you some sense of how we make this work.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 043This is a view from when you first step in the door. As you can see, we live in a Cape Cod, so I have to deal with the angled ceilings upstairs. This can make furniture arrangement a little tricky. Thankfully this is probably the biggest room in our house, so we’ve got floor space to work with.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 022

To get more specific, I’ll start at the back wall and work my way front. We have 2 sets of bunk beds set up in an “L” formation. The bigger boys have the one set and my little guys have the other set. I do all red and blue bedding to keep it boyish. The left set of bunk beds were made by my very capable husband a number of years ago. The other set was given to us for free soon after the twins were born. They were used by some people that we knew who were moving and wanted to pass them off to someone who could use them. Thank you Lord, for they have worked beautifully for us.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 024

In one little corner, I have a desk set up for doing homework. The desk was also a hand-me-down and above it I have this cool antique needlework map of the world, which I wrote about here. My “keeping it real” moment for you–when I examined the little white container on the floor under the nightlight, it was full of yellow water (Not pee, which wouldn’t be an impossibility!) and dead stinkbugs. Apparently my 10 year old had made a homemade stinkbug trap that really worked. Luckily for you I didn’t do a close-up of it;)

world map 012

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 049

This is the one lonely dormer window in that room. Underneath it I have a child-sized rolltop desk that I found years ago at an antique store. The curtains are some basic panels I made out of a fabric found at a thrift store. It looks like heavier mailbag fabric and has things like “airmail” and “US Mail” printed all over it.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 050Now for the front corner of their room. We have a grand total of 2 dressers that they share. As an aside, my boys, even the older ones, seem to like wearing the same 3 shirts and pants all the time. Does anybody else’s kids do that? I’m like, “let’s rotate our outfits a little more guys, okay?” The dresser on the left is part of a bedroom set that I refinished when I was pregnant with my first child. (That set was mine and before that, my aunt’s when she was growing up.) The taller dresser on the right was a freebie that I refinished a few years ago, painting it a glossy royal blue on the outside and doing chalkboard paint on the drawer fronts.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 039

The top of said dresser, topped off with Pinewood Derby cars that my older guys have made through the years–with a little help from their Dad, of course. (Just as another aside, he is a pro at making these! The last couple years my bigger boys have won “Best of Show,” as voted on by their peers, Not to brag or anything….)

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 040

Our other boy’s dresser is topped with an antique soda crate stood on end and adorned with various trophies and ribbons. They also have their rock collection stored there.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 037

On the opposite wall, as you walk in the door, is this monstrous thing. It takes up a lot of room but I love it! Yep, this antique wooden shelving unit was found at a barn sale just this fall. I ditched my other toy storage bin shelves and set up all the boy toys in this. My husband put wooden “risers” underneath so it sets up higher and has storage for wider items. I put a lot of their building toys under there.

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 029

On top of the shelves are a toy wagon that belonged to my husband’s uncle as a boy, a vintage globe, and a vintage Playskool mailbox toy. On the wall behind this I also have a “You been farming long?” print that my Mom-Mom had handed down to me since I had blond twin boys. (Anyone remember those from the 80’s? I think every farm family we knew growing up had something with that on them in their house.)

christmas, boys bedroom, veggies 035

Another view of those shelves close-up. Trucks, tractors, Nerf guns, GI Joe’s, and other goodies are all tucked into their places.

Well, that sums up my tour of the boys’ room for now. After purging and generally organizing it, I snapped some pictures before they got home from school! I did a lot more dramatic improvements to my girl’s bedroom, which I may show on a later date.

Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “4 Boys, 1 Bedroom”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I never was upstairs in your home. This was a splendid view of your boys room!!! How efficient and classy! I am eager to see Heidi’s room now. Keep up the creative, practical and helpful tips.

    Lovingly, Laurel

    On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Quiver Full of Blessings wrote:

    > Quiver Full of Blessings posted: “I am beginning to do my > post-Christmas purge of the house. This is an opportune time of the year to > pull this off because 1) There ain’t much happening in January 2) It’s > yucky out and I’m stuck inside a lot and 3) Christmas just happened and > things have “

  2. Rachel,
    Great use of space for your boys! Jeff did a great job making the bunk beds … I’m quite impressed. And I love the painted dressers and the toy bins too.


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