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Paper Heart Valentine Garland

On tap for today is a pretty paper garland, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

V-Day paper garland 003

V-Day paper garland 023

These are pretty quick to whip up–all you need is an old book or hymnal, scissors, and a sewing machine.

V-Day paper garland 044

Cut out a bunch of hearts that are the same size. I used a few pieces of paper stacked together and was able to cut out quite a few in a short time.

V-Day paper garland 039

After cutting out gobs of these, all you have to do is sew two at a time together (as you can see, I used red thread) down the middle of the heart. Keep adding sets of two as you go. You an either make all of them flush against each other or stagger them out, leaving an inch or two of thread in between the sets of hearts. At this point I’ll also add that I made a nice length of thread at the beginning and end of each garland for hanging purposes.

V-Day paper garland 020

When finished, you can either let the hearts hang as is or fold each in half, creating a 3-dimensional look.

V-Day paper garland 002

After hanging this up and taking pics, I realized this would look MUCH better against a darker wall. Oh well. I also thought about combining this music paper with red cardstock and alternating them.

By the way, do ya like my chalkboard? This is hanging in our entryway and was a 5 cent yard sale steal. I usually have a verse written on it, but decided to do “LOVE” in a font that I liked. I looked some fonts up, saw how LOVE looked written in this particular one, then copied it freehand in pink chalk.

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