Parenting Tales

Snow and Ice Days

My post today is mostly pictorial. It is a basic summary of what we have done for the last few weeks.

If you live in the Northeast (and I’m sure in many other areas of the country), your days may look somewhat the same, especially if you have school-aged children.

Here in Pennsylvania we have been assaulted with what seems like one storm after another. The result is a mixed bag of snow days (plus MLK day and an Inservice day thrown in) and 2 hour delays that have completely messed with our normal schedule. At this point it seems as if my kids have been out of school more days than they’ve been in school. I can only imagine what it’s like for their poor teachers on the days that they actually have a full day. Oh, and we have another winter storm on the horizon, hooray! By the way, there’s a cute article here that totally reflects my feelings on the recent weather and lack of school. It is called “The Winter that Nearly Killed All the Moms.”

Anyhow, I’ve snapped some pictures here and there that kind of sum up what we do on those multiple days off. However, WordPress is giving me major issues whenever I try to upload a photo that I’ve taken (and I took some pretty good ones too!). Sooo…I’ll improvise and throw in some photo downloads that I’ve snagged off of Google images and such, plus a couple that I’ve already put on my blog somewhere that I was able to use. Sorry, I know it’s kinda lame but hey, work with me here. Hopefully the problem is resolved soon!

snow days Feb2014 ebay2-6-14 007

Time outside in the snow! Lots of sledding, snowman making, and all the other outdoor fun that goes along with snow days. Hopefully nobody gets hurt–though we did have an incident involving a knocked-out tooth. Thankfully it was a baby tooth that was soon going to fall out.

(Do you know how hard it is to find a white baby tooth in the white snow? Virtually impossible.)

Photo: My "keeping it real" photo--what snow days with kids really looks like. There's another pile just like it at the front door!

Just to keep it real, this is a small sampling of what awaits me when the crew comes in from being out in the snow.

pj pants, bread 013

I already make bread at least once a week, but love making it and doing other baking on these frigid days. There’s nothing like coming in the house after being outside and inhaling that freshly-baked smell. Good stuff.


One of the few days when my nieces were here as well, we tried out this recipe using freshly fallen snow. They were so excited about our Snow Cream. I have to admit, it was pretty yummy and reminded me of Rita’s Vanilla Water Ice, which is one of my top faves.

images (2)

As a family we have dived into the Chronicles of Narnia book series. My kids sit there entranced as I read a chapter or two out loud to them at a time. Though I haven’t shown any of the movies to them, we plan to watch them at some point.

images (3)

download (3)

Games, games, and more games. Candyland, checkers, Uno, Battleship, Chess….I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Lots of little craft times. Perler beads have been one of the semi-newer favorites. Oh, and we busted out some Play-Doh as well.

I will be thrilled when Spring arrives.

Happy Snow Days to all,


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