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Fun and Fresh Ideas for Lego Fans

I have several kids who are currently obsessed with Legos.  While pricey, they do provide hours of entertainment. One of my greatest yard sale finds over the past years was a large box just chock full of Lego bricks for $10. Not the kits (which I sorta hate), but basic colored bricks. Since then my little guys have been in love with Legos. My interactions with other Moms have confirmed the fact that they are just several of millions who are also obsessed with these things. Therefore today I am sharing some cool ideas I have found that involve Legos.


This super cool science experiment from Lemon Lime Adventures used Lego figures in ice. Kids have to figure out the best way to excavate those guys out of there!


I thought this was a really clever way to haul Legos so kids can build while in the car. Check out this post from KV Barn that explains how to make your own Lego travel box. I see two of these in our future for summer travelling!


The next idea comes from One Perfect Day–a Lego marble run! What a great way to build multiple skills and have fun while you’re at it.


Another more quiet-type of game using Legos is this homemade tic-tac-toe board from the Kids Activities blog. Use two different colored piles of bricks instead of X’s and O’s.


For a cool twist on the classic “How Many ________ Are in the Jar?” game, here’s one using a jar full of Legos. The winner gets to keep what’s in the jar! Check out the Abide With Me blog for this plus tons of other great Lego Party ideas.


At Frugal Fun 4 Boys, this Mom has a bunch of Lego-based activities. This particular one helps teach kids fractions. There are SO many ways to use Legos for teaching math (plus other subjects too).


Oh my word. Even though I’m not a chess gal (because I basically stink at strategy games), this chess set made up entirely of Legos and Lego figures is really awesome! Definitely a challenge for the older Lego fan. Go to 100 Directions for the specs on how to make this chess set.


These little beds especially crafted for minifigs are way too cute. I could totally see my little boys loving these for their “guys,” whom they name and sometimes even take to bed with them.

Well, I could put so many links on here as there is tons of information out there on Lego-based games, activities, storage, etc—but I’ll stop there. If you have one or more Lego maniacs in your house as I do, hopefully these were an inspiration to you or your kids!

I’ll catch ya next time. Here’s hoping you don’t step on too many Legos before then!


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