Craft/DIY Ideas

A Simple Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up soon at our school. There are oodles of really cute little teacher gift ideas out there, so here’s one that I just put together for our school’s staff.

Teacher appreciation 002

I started out with a plan just to do a few for my own kids’ teachers, but as you may know I can get a teensy bit carried away when I make things. I’m making 5, why not just go ahead and do 45, right? (Yes, I realize not everyone thinks that way and may think I’m insane. It’s okay if you do;))

Teacher appreciation 003

As you can see, I used Extra brand gum in several flavors and just made my own little printable tag glued onto colored cardstock. I then used double-sided tape to adhere the gum pack onto the cardstock.

Teacher appreciation 008

Here’s another take on the same basic idea using mint gum. You could also use this with any minty type of product. Clearly I was in a bright sunny mood when I made these as I may have overly used the eye-popping yellow cardstock. Oh well, it looks Springy!

Teacher appreciation 007

Well, there you have it. Nothing fancy or over the top. Just a simple, inexpensive, and quick idea to show your kid’s teachers that their work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thanks to all teachers, you are awesome!

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