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Summer Boredom Buster Series: Aqua Beads

SO…we’re a full week into summer break and everyone is pretty much transitioned by now.

Even with everyone home with me 24/7, it has actually been sort of relaxing.

It has been a welcome change to not have to remember 20 bajillion end-of-the-school-year details every single day. Those last few weeks can be a bit of a doozy in that way and I chuckle at my 11 year old telling me one morning (as I was going through my mental and literal daily checklist), “Mom, I think you need a brain break when school is out.”

Yes, I kinda did, and I’m quite enjoying it too. I’m also enjoying not having to run around to so many activities as well.

One day that we did have some errands to run we hit a Dollar Tree store to check out a couple of things.

While there, we saw these little bottles lined up and thankfully I stopped to really look at them. I remembered seeing something with these guys in a summer boredom playlist. A light bulb went off in my head and I promptly popped a bottle in my shopping basket.

june2014 016

One of the best bucks I’ve ever spent, my friends.

They’re called aqua beads and they kept some kids occupied for long periods of time.

Heck, I couldn’t resist and was playing with them too.

june2014 025

Fresh out of the jar they look like clear glass marbles. These I had poured into a greenish glass bowl, hence the light green hues. They are really very clear though.

june2014 019

Though they look like glass, these little wonders are actually quite soft and squishy, but don’t easily break. Here’s what they look like in my hand, before being submerged in water.

june2014 018

Now here’s what a bowl full of water + aqua beads looks like. They all but disappear in the water. If you look close you can see some roundish shapes. Pretty cool, eh?

june2014 021

My budding scientist was beyond thrilled with our purchase. I asked him what they were made of. His answer? Hydro-something-super-polymer-something-something. Not sure if he made it up or not, but I nodded my head and acted like I knew just what he was talking about. (Remember, this is the kid who told me I needed a brain break before school ended. Really I may need a brain break after hearing his Super Scientist lingo, but it’s all good.)

june2014 024

The little boys really enjoyed these too. Notice I threw a towel down under the bowl? Yup, I’m on top of things like that, ha ha. Never mind the fact that a couple hours later I stepped on a couple of wet squishy items in my bare feet.

Overall I would recommend getting these as maybe a rainy day activity or just a little something to add to a Mom’s summertime bag of tricks. They are great for sensory play, I would just use caution with really young kids as I would think they may be tempted to pop one into their mouth. And, as I said earlier, I have no idea what they’re really made of. (Ask Andrew though and he can tell you;)) I found them at the Dollar Tree in the crafty aisle with floral arrangement stuff.

Stay tuned for some more summertime kid activity ideas!



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