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What If We Quit Facebook?

I’m tempted, my readers. I’m VERY tempted.

Of course, I’ve had this conversation in my head and with several close friends multiple times, but have never had the courage to just do it.

I want to quit Facebook. For real.

What would my life look like without the ultimate time-sucker, Facebook?

What would ALL our lives look like without it? Or any other social media? Here are just a few things that immediately spring to mind….

*It may weed out who our real friends are in a hurry. I’ll be straight up honest with you–I do not really have hundreds of “friends.” I have like, a couple of really close ones and a handful of others, plus some acquaintances that I’m fond of and enjoy talking to.  When I have something important in my life, or they have something going on in theirs, I would much rather hold a meaningful conversation with them than see it on a Newsfeed or post it on my own. Do I really care about what someone I knew 20 years ago ate for dessert? Um, no.

*We would have more time on our hands. This is like a “duh” one for me. Unless you have a great deal of self-control and can really limit your FB time, you probably spend more time on there than you care to admit. If there was some kind of tracker (I’m sure there is) that showed how much time each day or week I have popped on there, I’m positive that I would be mortified at the time I have wasted. It kind of kills me when people share that they “don’t have enough time” to do this or that, yet they constantly post things or comment about things on Facebook. Part of me really wants to say, “Well, you apparently have SOME extra time on your hands…” I know that I would be much more productive if I weren’t on there at all.

*We could engage in real life. How many times have you or I stared at a screen while the real stuff of life was going on around you? Maybe it was when your son was asking you to play a game or your spouse wanted just a little alone time with you. Instead you (or I) chose to look at a screen and mindlessly scroll through what others choose to post online. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been guilty of this one before. Yes, I preach about having quality time with your family, yet I have neglected them or maybe just tuned them out at times. All the while I’m being tuned in to the latest funny video or an article that catches my interest. Things that don’t matter one bit when compared to precious moments with the ones that DO matter.

*We could socialize for real. As stated before, I would much rather talk to you in person than feel “connected” only by what you post on FB. I’m really afraid that we’re raising a generation of kids who hardly know how to converse and relate to one another. My family was at a burger joint this past weekend and sat near a table filled with teenagers. It was rather sad to see them all looking at their devices most of the time rather than actually hanging out and speaking to one another. It’s not only teenagers, it’s definitely adults too. It’s time we took back our real relationships and truly invest in one another.

*We could take pictures for ourselves, not to display for everyone and their brother to see. (Yes, I am totally guilty of this one too!) Ever caught yourself doing something or going somewhere and automatically thinking what a great picture you could take just to put online? Then to put said picture on and constantly check to see how many people like it or comment on it? I have, and I feel just a little bit sick even admitting that. Before FB existed, didn’t we take pictures simply to capture memories of people and places?

*We wouldn’t  be inundated with every detail about everyone’s life. I’m sure your child is absolutely precious, but I don’t really need to know every witty thing they said to you today. Or, I’m sorry you are having a bad day, but please don’t rant on about every detail for the world to read. Or, not that I don’t care what your opinion on ________________________ is or your political views, but do you really need to put down everyone who doesn’t agree with you?  I feel like we are being bombarded constantly with this stuff and it is sometimes draining. I’m to the point where I don’t want to know. It’s just all too much sometimes.

*We wouldn’t fall into the comparison trap quite as often. One of the articles I wrote that I am most proud of is this one, written last summer. I had so many folks (all women) who came up to me personally and told me how they related to that article. Yes, I think we would all still struggle a bit with comparison, but I don’t think it would be quite as prevalent as it is with those who are on FB. On Facebook you are only seeing what people WANT you to see, not the whole picture. Heck, you may think I live an utterly charmed life sometimes if you only saw what I put on there.

There are a handful of positives that Facebook does have, but I do believe it has more negative effects than positive. For example, when my son Andrew broke his arm a couple weeks ago, I was able to throw on a prayer request for him and the situation. I knew that it was a quick way for my praying friends to know what was up and to specifically pray for him that day. That was a positive Facebook experience. I have a handful of folks who usually put on something inspiring or that will uplift me in some way. Those are positives as well. Also, I feel very free to share my faith on there. (If someone doesn’t like it, they can always unfriend me!)

How do you feel about all of this, and what do you think our lives would look like in this day and age without Facebook or other social media?

Anyone up to the challenge of a Facebook “fast”? If you are, let me know and maybe we can work on it together!

Thanks for tuning in and stay warm!


3 thoughts on “What If We Quit Facebook?”

  1. In struggle with this too. I always go back to my blog, exposure to articles written, contact info for just about anyone, and all the trends I somehow am convinced that without television or any other media in my house I would miss. But in the end I do agree that if we could all “just do it” God would find ways to give us all the things we may actually need and are so afraid of missing!

  2. Hey Rachel, I missed this blog of yours and just saw it as I was ALMOST ready to finally catch up with the times and open a face book page. As you know I am way behind and a private person. But everyone that I talk to or haven’t seen in a long time tell me that I have to get on face book.And I honestly, I think that they think I’m a little nuts when I tell them I’m not. But I agree with you, people are spending way too much time caring about how many friends they have… or if someone likes what you like. And the waste of time, not living in the moment. TALK to you soon:)

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