This Past Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

I’m baaaack….and this time with some more frugal stuff.

Here’s what I did in this past week to save a few bucks here and there:


*Made an apron for my girl as a birthday gift. I bought her a couple of small little items to go with, but this will be her main gift. The fabric had been purchased by my Mom to make goody bags for her party. I used the piece that was left, plus some other fabric I already had, to sew up a cute apron with a ruffle along the top. (Excuse the wrinkles. I had to hurriedly stuff this under something else so she wouldn’t see it one day and it was left there.)

*Didn’t go on a big grocery run. I didn’t absolutely need much, so I grabbed a few fill-in items to get us through until this week.

*My neighbor gifted us with a giant bag of pretzel goldfish packs she had bought for her kids and they didn’t like. Mine happen to like them, so they have been put into lunch boxes.

april 2015 040

*I sold a couple of things on Ebay, including this wasp/hornet nest I found on the ground while walking one day. No worries–it is empty of any flying beasties. This may qualify as the weirdest item I’ve ever sold on there for sure!

*I redeemed a $10 gift card I found to a local store that is actually closing this week. I used it to purchase another gift for someone else for free.

*Started making a crochet rag rug from some fabric pieces I likely won’t use. If it turns out decent perhaps I will do a tutorial on it here one day.

*We watched Netflix Friday night as a family. It was a movie I would highly recommend. Check out “Gifted Hands,” the story about Ben Carson’s life. I was especially inspired by his Mom! (My personal favorite moment–when she unplugged their TV and told her boys they could only watch two programs a week and had to get books out of the library to enrich themselves. It worked!)

Well, those are some highlights I thought of. Hope you have a wonderful week!

1 thought on “This Past Week’s Frugal Accomplishments”

  1. Hi Rachel, The apron is a cutie and it reminded me of my mom. She made me and herself matching aprons one year for Thanksgiving when I was 10. I still have that apron. She always did all the big family holiday feasts and I am keeping with her tradition with my family. Every year for our big family dinners, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though that apron doesn’t cover nearly.. as much of me as when I was 10, I always put that apron on and it makes me feel like mom is still with me. And I remember all the good times and all the loving stitches from my mother’s hands. The little things… and all that love is what kids will remember. Just thought I would share, and let your other readers know that you make a positive difference in my life, as my friend.Talk to you soon. Love ya,Dawn

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