Parenting Tales

Where Have All the Groceries Gone?

You’ll have to forgive my cheesiness. I just came up with this little poem last night as I was lamenting the fact that all the food I just bought last week is already practically wiped out by growing children. Seriously.


This one’s for my fellow Moms of hollow-legged kiddos out there…


I remember it oh so well,

That trip I took just last week,

When I went to the store,

And drove the cart with the squeak.

Grapes, gouda, and granola,

Were tossed into that cart,

Along with beans, butter, bran,

And a box that said Pop-Tarts.

My cart was really quite full,

By that last stretch of aisle,

I had ‘em piled on high,

Paid and left with a smile.

Then I came on home with that load,

Bottles, cans, and many a box,

I filled the fridge, pantry, freezer,

We had everything but Maalox!

“Oh the meals I can prepare!”

“The lunches I can now pack!”

How naïve I was just then

Before that first snack attack…

The kids came home from school,

Cracked open the Cheez-its to eat,

They quickly emptied that box,

And moved on to something sweet.

Next went the apples and grapes,

And the Pop Tarts as well,

Also the nuts and the chips,

The bag now an empty shell…

By a few short days later,

I was struck almost dumb,

For those once filled-up cupboards,

Now contained but a crumb.

My tale is just about through,

It would make quite a sad song,

If you have a houseful of kids,

Food NEVER stays around long!

4 thoughts on “Where Have All the Groceries Gone?”

  1. cheez-its are the 1st to go here too. I started hiding a stash of extra snacks, they lasted a tad bit longer until someone caught on to mom’s trick. Now I hear, ok I know you bought another box:)

  2. This is hilarious and I can so relate! I come in with what I consider two weeks of groceries and they are gone in a flash. Bananas and oranges are the first things to go here!

  3. Forgive me if this posts twice. I’m having trouble with my WordPress login. :/ I just wanted to say I loved the poem. That is hilarious! Bananas and Oranges always go here first.

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