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Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

Okay, so this is more like the last TWO week’s frugal accomplishments.

Here we go…

*We inherited two new shrubs to plant for free from someone else’s landscaping project. They look great in one of our small side beds.

*I bought a pair of yoga-style pants for my girl, then cut off the bottoms, hemmed them, and made them into little comfy shorts for her this summer. (Random rant–so many older girls’ shorts sold at stores are incredibly short. SO frustrating….)

*Made a couple of boy’s jeans with serious knee-holes into shorts too.

*I also got a pair of petite jeans at a yard sale for myself and converted them into longer shorts. Really, there’s nothing petite about me, so I didn’t have to cut all that much off the length!

baltimore 2015 057

*I used up more of my fabric stash to make another crocheted rag rug. An amateur effort, but I really love how it turned out. I’m currently working on a denim one using some old jeans. Perhaps I really will do a tutorial on these one day.

baltimore 2015 030

*My whole side of the family went to Baltimore last Sunday and visited the aquarium. We packed a picnic lunch and ate outside at some picnic tables afterwards instead of going out to eat. It was a really beautiful day. As my kids and both of my brother’s girls have spring birthdays, this was my parents’ birthday gift to them all instead of toys or a material gift. (Big Thank You to my Mom and Dad for this! Also, You’re Welcome for suggesting a picnic instead of paying for 13 people to eat at the Inner Harbor!!)

baltimore 2015 037

They were also able to go down in the submarine that is parked near the aquarium. My little guys loved it-especially the torpedoes!!

baltimore 2015 051

*Some of our lettuce greens are really thriving, so we were able to cut some and have it for salad several times.

*My Dad continues to give us containers of free cheese crumbles from his work. This is the crumbly stuff that is left after cutting blocks of fancy cheese. We are getting spoiled eating $14+/lb cheese for free!

*I hung out wash on some of the nice days instead of using the dryer.

That’s it for now. Thanks for tuning in!


2 thoughts on “Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments”

  1. “*We inherited two new shrubs to plant for free from someone else’s landscaping project. They look great in one of our small side beds.”

    Reminded me of the time I went into the gardening section of a local big box store in the fall and left with a basket full of “throw away plant” for $5. 90% of them survived.

    The only plants I ever buy are vegetable transplants and I could get some for free if I really tried. Guess sometimes it’s just easier to buy them lol.

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