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Marriage According to our Maker

Last weekend my husband and I attended the wedding of a beautiful young couple. Though we didn’t really know the bride well, we knew the groom and have watched him grow into a wonderful, godly young man over the years we have attended our church. It was a beautiful service. Not only did I admire the decorations and other little touches that an artsy person like me would take note of, but I was especially moved by the service and ceremony itself.  I found myself blinking back tears a few times, and I know I’m not the only one there who was. Though I am an emotional female, I can tell you that everyone in that room could feel the absolute rightness of this union, the devotion of these young people, and the sense that God’s presence and His very hand was on this couple as they vowed themselves to one another.  It was as it was absolutely meant to be, exactly how God ordained it from the beginning. It was like even the witnesses in the pews were all standing on holy ground there together, even if for a brief moment. I was tucked in next to my own groom of 16 years during the service, reflective of my own marriage and the sacred covenant that marriage is supposed to be.

When we unselfishly love and live for our husband we glorify Christ and teach the world the true role of the Christian wife.

Fast forward almost a week. I get the dramatic “landmark” news about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same sex couples and marriage rights. I see pictures of people cheering and waving rainbow-striped and equal sign flags. I see quotes and tweets and posts about how wonderful this all is, even from our own president.

I, on the other hand, felt sickened and downright sad. I felt nauseous.

I am not cheering about this decision, I am grieved by it.

 And if my sinful old self is grieved by it, our Creator who is Holy must be grieved more than we can imagine. Especially since He specifically created a man, THEN a woman—on purpose!!

Lord God said It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. - Genesis 2:18

My knee-jerk reaction may be to go on a rant about all manner of sinfulness and how the world seems to be” going to hell in a handbasket,” as the old saying goes. It sure feels that way some days. I could really knock out quite a heated post detailing my views.  However, I’m sure you already know how I feel by what you’ve read so far. I’m sure you’ve also read many articles by others blasting everyone who believes differently than they do. I don’t think that I could change your mind, try as I might. Just like you’re not going to convince me that gay marriage and the whole homosexuality issue is okay. Or changing one’s gender is okay. (Had to throw that one in there!)

Only God himself can change a heart.

So why the heck am I writing this?

I am doing this to remind us all of what marriage is supposed to be…not according to a twisted cultural trend, or what some friends or family think, or what some judges in Washington vote on 5-4.

Today I am focusing on what our God, the one who created you and me and all of humanity, has intended for us.

Today, instead of dwelling on my churned up emotions about everything in the news, instead of feeling downright ill at the sight of our White House lit up in rainbow hues, I am reminding myself and all who read this what YOUR CREATOR intended this institution to be all about.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh. Gen 2:24. <3

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My favorite bible verse: Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves "a cord of three strands is not easily broken" (this represents a husband & wife & God)

Easter Monday we go to picnic lunch by the Ocean to see the native chocplate lilies here on the Canadian Gulf Island B C. AMEN  ciao! newport beach: sunday verse

My signs, quotes and bible verses are carefully constructed, entirely hand-painted and hand-lettered (no vinyl), and stained in my own special

Great marriage quote from the bible

it's not for my comfort, but making me more and more like Christ.

It was God himself who united a man and a woman in marriage -Genesis 2.24

I know I will probably get some responses to this. Either you will love or hate what I just put out there. I make no apologies for what I believe and am tired of us “Conservative Christian” types getting OUR rights trampled all over. We will not be silent.

 However, I hope and pray you know that today YOU ARE LOVED. By me and by our Lord and Savior most of all. .

I will end with this quote I came across this morning and really struck home with me:

“We are far worse than we ever imagined and far more loved than we could ever dream.” (Tim Keller)

3 thoughts on “Marriage According to our Maker”

  1. I’ve followed your blog for a little while now all the way from my little town in Devon, UK. In fact you were one of the very first blogs I chose to follow on my blogging adventure. I’m sorry to say you’ll be losing me today. I respect your right to an opinion and your beliefs. I believe strongly that in our modern world people should have the right to believe in what they want and express it. But I don’t feel that I can continue to support that expression in a respectful way by following your blog. I feel sad that in a world so full of hatred you would frown upon any kind of love towards another person. That is my own view on the situation and I think in the interest of remaining respectful of your beliefs I should leave it there. Good luck and all the best for the future.

  2. We live in a country where there is freedom of religion and there is no official religion. A very important part of the U.S. is separation of church and state; it is something our very country was founded on. Your religious beliefs are yours and you are free to have them. Others are free to believe the opposite and that is the free, beautiful thing about our country. They couldn’t have made another decision and kept true to our constitution.

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