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9 Out Of 10

I love my husband’s hands.

His hands have served so many in numerous ways over the years…

They gently held each of our 5 children as newborns, even before I did.

They worked hard on his family farm growing up, whether tending to animals, crops, or equipment.

They have tirelessly worked to provide for our family throughout our marriage.

They have held my own thousands of times, whether to give me a quick squeeze, to comfort me, or as we have prayed together.

They have cooked many Sunday breakfasts with our kids for years and know how to whip up some superb meals.

They have humbly served in ways that many don’t even know about or realize at our church.

His hands may not be what would be considered “beautiful” to some people, but they are beautiful to me.  They are calloused, thick, and scarred from various little injuries, especially from his work as a butcher. His right hand has a bump in it from a break that never healed properly years ago. He has a big scar on one thumb from slicing it really deep on a band saw when making a crib for our first born.

After an unfortunate mowing accident this past weekend, he now has only 9 fingers. After a surgery to remove more bone and pull a layer of skin around what is left, that hand is now swaddled in layers of dressing. We haven’t seen the “final product” post-surgery, but have been warned that it will be startling to see when the dressing and sutures are removed. I don’t care. It may be ugly, but his hands will still be beautiful to me.

photo (19)
This picture was taken a few days before the accident. He took it upon himself to carve really awesome walking sticks for every kid at our upcoming VBS.

They are the hands of a godly man who has a servant’s heart more than anyone else I know. Someone who takes it seriously to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” on this earth as they show love to others in practical ways. The hands of the one who I know loves me like crazy.

Nope, no matter what happens, those hands will always be beautiful to me.

***Forgive me for waxing poetic about this. Our anniversary is next week, and with the loss of his finger, I just got to thinking about how much I appreciate the work of his hands. A serious post, but we had lots of humorous moments within the whole accident/severed finger  story. Maybe I’ll share them another time! ****

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